about me

international mba ‘11 | boston university school of management

Boston University is ranked 64th best university in the world, while its MBA program is among the first 30th in the United States. I chose BU because of its unique International MBA program, which offers an opportunity to study one full semester in China (Beijing and Shanghai). After living for 27 years in Poland and then 5 years in the U.S., I decided to expand my experience to the Asian continent as well. And I didn’t regret. My stay in China was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life so far. Not only we studied business in a different cultural setting, but also met with the Chinese governmental officials, local entrepreneurs, visited numerous international companies and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In China, I conducted a 3 months long research focusing on the booming Chinese e-commerce and fashion industries. After my come back to Boston, I focused on the technology aspects of the present day businesses, including transformation of the old business models into the ones that could do well in a digitalized, internet economy. Last but not least, I fell in love with digital/social media marketing, recognizing that marketing is one of the most important factors deciding whether a particular business thrives or not. As a result, I concentrated my MBA studies in two main areas – besides the general managerial courses – that is: marketing (social media, B2B marketing, integrated marketing communication, marketing management, marketing consulting) and information technology (IT strategies, business transformations etc.).

ll.m. ’09 | the george washington university law school

The GWU Law School is a renowned law school ranked 20th in the United States, which was named after the first President of the U.S. At GW Law, I pursued a General LL.M. degree, which was divided into two major fields. My first concentration was in the U.S. business law, including: corporations, secured transactions, mergers & acquisitions and the securities regulation. My second concentration was in the international field, including: international law, nuclear non-proliferation and the U.S. foreign relations law. I wrote a lengthy research paper regarding the nuclear non-proliferation issues in Central and Eastern Europe, which was graded “A” by the General Counsel of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, Prof. Dave Jonas. After graduating with my LL.M. degree, I took a bar exam in the State of New York and successfully passed it in February 2010.

magister prawa ‘05 | lazarski university

Lazarski University is the best private law school in Poland according to the Newsweek magazine. It is well known for having a great faculty recruited from the former governmental ministers, justices of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Tribunal. At Lazarski, I studied law for 5 years and obtained a Master of Laws degree (magister prawa – an equivalent of a Juris Doctor) with a specialization in business law and capital markets. My master thesis focused on the M&A issues in the context of a hostile takeover of a publicly traded company under Polish and EU law. Studying at Lazarski around that time felt very special because Poland joined the European Union in 2004 what had a tremendous effect on the entire Polish legal system and the law schools curriculum.

marketing director, editor | europeancourier.org

The EuropeanCourier.org started in 2006 as an opinion website and soon evolved to become a respected digital media outlet with a specialized focus on international affairs, business and new media issues. At the end of 2010, it had over 300,000 unique visitors a year, not counting those readers who visited the website repeatedly over the year. EuropeanCourier.org has been joined by many distinguished contributors, including Diego Arria (former President of the UN Security Council) and Muhamed Sacirbey (former Vice President of Standard & Poor’s and the foreign minister of Bosnia and Herzgovina). In 2008, we teamed-up with the Foreign Policy Association from New York City and conducted a series of video interviews with foreign diplomats at the United Nations’ headquarters (they are all listed in my “politics + human right + law” section). In 2008-2009 we joined forces with Ebru TV (Channel 53 in the U.S.) and helped them produce 3 episodes of the “World Affairs” TV series, which were broadcasted to over 9 million viewers in the United States. So far, our work has been quoted and featured in many recognized publications and media, including Daily Kos, Ebru TV, Noticiero Digital, Noticias 24, Sarajevo-X, Central Europe Digest, Stosunki Międzynarodowe, Portal Spraw Zagranicznych, Bosnia Daily or Dnevni Avaz.

At the EuropeanCourier.org, I serve as the editor-in-chief and the marketing director of the magazine. I personally designed and created the website, first by using html coding and then by switching to wordpress as a management platform and php as a design tool. I created and executed an online marketing strategy which in 2010 resulted in over 300,000 unique visitors a year (we achieved this result by growing organically from a virtual zero of users). I also did a lot of research and journalistic work with copy editing, video and content production. My work for the EuropeanCourier.org is mostly fun, but it is also very rewarding. Although the magazine started generating revenue in November 2009, it presently operates mainly as a marketing and public relations tool. Diego Arria, who is a leading opposition leader to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, uses our magazine to publish his blog over there. Our fast growing social media accounts at Twitter and Facebook are currently able to instantaneously increase our readership from a few hundred visitors to over 3 thousand unique visitors in any given day. In 2010, we used our social media marketing and public relations experience to advise a political candidate in a municipal election in Poland. We created and helped execute a successful online media strategy which resulted in the 3rd best election result in the voting district.

manager | babybluu.com

BabyBluu.com is an e-commerce website, which has a quite romantic story behind it. While in China, I worked on a feasibility study for a start-up company in the Chinese fashion industry, which resulted in several presentations to the Chinese business experts and professors. After my come back to Boston, I spent some time on redesigning the business plan so that it could fit in the U.S. market as well. Eventually, I registered a company and brought BabyBluu.com to life. Something that started as a school project is now being tested in reality. BabyBluu.com is a website which offers time-limited deals for deeply discounted, selected fashion products of middle and high-end brands. Our deals usually last 2-3 days and the long-term goal is to bring that period down to 24 hours (one sale a day). We also adopted quite new and innovative business strategy. While the majority of fashion e-commerce websites bet heavily on search engine traffic and Facebook, we are building BabyBluu on the power of Twitter. At this point we are at the most difficult awareness level, promoting the website to potential customers to make them frequent visitors and repeated buyers.

marketing consultant | kamuu.com

In 2010, I met Prof. Stephanie Watts, a renowned business and IT scholar, who researches the role and design of smartphones in the ethical consumption movement in the United States. Prof. Watts came up with a business idea, which generated initial interest of the venture capital funds, for a unique iPhone app that would provide information to businesses on consumers’ behavior relating to the ethical consumption habits. Together with 2 other MBAs (including one from Cap Gemini), we formed a consulting team and over a period of 3 months created a comprehensive marketing and promotional plan for the launch of the app. Moreover, we conducted extensive primary and secondary research, including focus groups and surveys, that influenced the final app’s design, functionality and pricing strategy. The Kamuu company was registered at the beginning of 2011 and the iPhone app launch was scheduled for May 2011, based on our marketing and promotional plan.

associate | law offices of michael s. lamonsoff

MSL is one of the largest law firms in the U.S. specializing in the representation of victims of accidents, defective products, medical malpractice and civil rights violations. Located in Manhattan’s Wall Street District, MSL is well known for having a very aggressive litigation and negotiation style that resulted in some of the largest settlements in the State of New York. I started working at MSL as a litigation assistant in 2007 and then accepted an associate position upon my graduation from the GWU Law School. I did a lot of civil litigation work and legal research, however the most exciting experience was that of a negotiator. I successfully negotiated numerous pre-trial settlements with many billion dollar companies and institutions, including the City of New York, Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Liberty Mutual and others. Those were distributive and integrative negotiations that sometimes continued for several months and involved many different parties. I finished working at MSL in April of 2010, just weeks before moving to China to get my MBA degree. Working at a Wall Street law firm is fast-paced, competitive and result-driven. I found the experience very beneficial.

lawyer | anna czepkowska & associates

Anna Czepkowska & Associates is a prominent law firm in Warsaw, Poland, which specializes in business and EU law. Its principal, Mrs. Anna Czepkowska, Esq., is one of the law examiners and lecturers at the Warsaw Bar Association. I started working at AC&A in 2003, first as an intern and then as a full time lawyer. At AC&A, I gained my initial experience in dealing with big businesses and international law. The many great cases I dealt with ranged from an arrest of cargo ships in Denmark, through establishment of U.S. Airlines’ offices in Poland, up to negotiations with a NYSE-listed company for a transfer of innovative software for the treatment of eye cancer. AC&A was an exceptional law firm with deep understanding of different kind of businesses and their distinctive needs. It was a place with visionary leadership, which was very mission-driven. I finished working at AC&C in the mid of 2005 upon my permanent relocation to the United States.

My other work experience and internships:

research intern | center for european policy analysis (washington d.c. – 2008)

litigation assistant | joseph simantov & associates (new york city – 2006/07)

intern | frekhtman and associates (new york city – 2006)

intern | counsulate general of the republic of poland (2005)